Our divisions are led by the four directors in our Executive. They cover a range of areas including collection management, learning, communications, public library partnerships, corporate services and development.

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Collection Management & Access

The divisions within the Collection Management & Access portfolio are:

  • Access & Information
  • Collection Management

Access & Information

The Access and Information division develops and facilitates access to our collections through the provision of information services and retrieval services.

Collection Management

The Collection Management division manages our collections and ensures they are accessible to onsite and online users.

Community, Learning & Public Library Partnerships

The divisions within the Community, Learning & Public Libraries Partnerships portfolio are:

  • Communications & Marketing
  • Learning Services
  • Public Libraries & Community Engagement

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing division raises community awareness of our collections and services. The division develops the Library's marketing strategies, manages our websites, and produces print and electronic communications including the annual report, the SLV News magazine, brochures and digital signage.

Learning Services

The Learning Services division is responsible for the Library's learning programs including school visits, school holiday activities, Centre for Youth Literature programs and the inside a dog website.

Public Libraries & Community Engagement

The Public Libraries & Community Engagement division facilitiates communication, research and knowledge within the public library sector. It engages with the Victorian community through a number of channels including the digital environment, building a sense of community connectedness and the provision of a range of mainly events-based public programming.

Corporate Services & Planning

The divisions within the Corporate Services & Planning portfolio are:

  • Finance & Governance
  • People & Property
  • Planning & Research
  • Technology Services

Finance & Governance

The Finance & Governance division manages our financial and non-financial performance and ensures our corporate and statutory obligations are met.

People & Property

The People & Property division develops and implements human resource policies and procedures, is responsible for ensuring the Library is safe, accessible and secure, and coordinates our capital works.

Planning & Research

The Planning & Research division conducts planning, analysis and research to inform the Library's strategic policies and development.

Technology Services

The Technology Services division manages our information and communication technologies, and develops and maintains the Library's websites, intranet and catalogue, and technical infrastructure.


The divisions within the Development portfolio are:

  • Collection Interpretation
  • Library Foundation

Collection Interpretation

The Collection Interpretation division implements a diverse program of displays, events and activities, and produces books relating to our collection.

Library Foundation

The Library Foundation is dedicated to building relationships with our community of Library supporters, and raises funds to enrich our collection and services.