Our vision

We want to be a place where all Victorians can discover, learn, create and connect. We want to be a cultural and heritage destination for Victorians, and a catalyst for generating new knowledge and ideas.

The State Library will make a major contribution to the continuing development of a knowledge- and creativity-based economy for Victoria, and a socially and culturally rich society. We are an important resource that enables you to access information (especially Victorian and Australian documentary heritage), and use this to learn and create.

We aim to:

  • play a greater part in the lives of our increasingly diverse community
  • be the cultural and knowledge centre of Victoria through our collections, programs, events and debates
  • open up the riches of our collections to a vast range of audiences
  • bring the world to Victoria
  • be a leader in digital library developments.

We will be true to our vision by reaching out to and engaging with an increasingly diverse community – a community of all ages that includes researchers, students, families, young and lifelong learners, culture creators and seekers, and regional Victorians.

We want to be available to you both onsite and online throughout your lives – onsite through our facilities, and online through improved digital access, tools and communication.

We will focus on developing:

  • our unique collections and knowledge
  • services and physical facilities tailored to your needs
  • an enhanced, innovative online experience that includes access to a wide range of content as well as online learning
  • a collaborative, working relationship with the community to provide exhibitions, programs and services.

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