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The Library aims to forge strong partnerships with key organisations to promote and advance the delivery and use of library services in Victoria, Australia and beyond.

Nanjing Library

A reciprocal exchange program between Nanjing Library - the third-largest public library in China - and the State Library of Victoria was established in 1985. The program covers the exchange of publications and staff visits. Since 1985 there has been a continuous deposit of exchange materials between the two libraries.

The State Library of Victoria and Nanjing Library are currently exploring options to expand this exchange program into a three or four-year Memorandum of Understanding. Areas for collaborative action include staff and information exchange, reciprocal exhibitions and other cultural programs.

National Library Board of Singapore

A State Government delegation to Singapore to explore options to establish greater links between the cultural agencies of Singapore and Victoria resulted, in March 2007, in a Memorandum of Understanding between the Library Board of Victoria and the National Library Board of Singapore. The Memorandum provides a means of sharing resources and information, enhancing strengths and devising new programs and services. It has four major components:

  • a formal staff exchange program, which aims to build new knowledge and expertise (staff exchanges from each Library, comprising one or more representatives are proposed for each alternative year)
  • sharing of digital resources and establishing connections to improve the work of both libraries in the digital realm
  • a continuation of benchmarking, information sharing and collaborative activities as appropriate
  • a commitment to visibly promote (in print and online) the Memorandum.