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National & State Libraries Australasia

The State Library of Victoria is an active member of National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) (previously Council of Australian State Libraries, or CASL), the peak body representing state and territory libraries and the national libraries of Australia and New Zealand.

It is focused on Re-imagining Library Services, a major project involving all members of NSLA in initiatives that seek to enhance people’s access to information and collections, no matter where they live. Read more about the Re-imagining Library Services project on the NSLA website.


Trove is a search service focused on Australia and Australians. It supplements what search engines provide with reliable information from Australia's cultural institutions.

Trove is an initiative of the National Library of Australia and part of the NSLA Reimagining Library Services project.


The national MyLanguage portal is a joint partnership between the state & territory libraries of NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA, NT and ACT.

As a way of enriching Australia’s linguistic and cultural cyberspace, seven State and Territory Libraries have created this portal to enable people to search and find information on the internet in over 60 languages.

MyLanguage provides access to over six million information links: search engines, web directories, government websites, digital library projects and syndicated news headlines.