Victor Hugo: Les Misérables – From Page to Stage panel discussion: The lost cities of Paris and Melbourne

Thursday 14 August 2014, 6:00pm - 7:15pm
The Courtyard
Main entry, Swanston St

Paris has been described as a leading character in Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables, and declared by Hugo as ‘the centre of world culture’. While he was writing his book, however, Paris was undergoing a great physical transformation.

Baron Haussmann’s radical town planning scheme was tearing down the crowded medieval quarters and replacing the old buildings with the distinctive boulevards, squares and parks of modern Paris, bringing huge physical and sociological changes to the city.

Some 15 years earlier, and thousands of miles away across the globe, Melbourne had been conceived along similar lines as a modern capital by Robert Hoddle.

Join author and historian Robyn Annear as she chairs this illuminating panel discussion on the topic: cities are constantly evolving and reinventing themselves, and in the process what is lost and what is saved?

Panellists include former Library Creative Fellow Michael Shirrefs; assistant curator of our Victor Hugo: Les Misérables – From Page to Stage exhibition, Anna Welch; and Andrew May, Associate Professor, School of Philosophical and Historical Studies, University of Melbourne.

Victor Hugo exhibition

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