Love and devotion: from Persia and beyond

Love and devotion celebrated the beauty of Persian manuscripts and the stories of human and divine love that they tell.

The exhibition featured nearly 70 rare 13th- to 18th-century Persian, Mughal Indian and Ottoman Turkish illustrated manuscripts and miniatures, and early European manuscripts including works by Chaucer and Dante, from the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford.

Love and devotion also featured rare editions of European literature, travel books and maps from our collections.

This exhibition was held from 9 March to 1 July 2012, and was the first major exhibition of Persian manuscripts to be held in Australia.


Visit the Love and devotion website for rich information on Persian poets and stories; lavish images of works featured in the exhibition; an interactive map and timeline showing key dates and places important to Persian poetry and its spread; education resources for teachers, and more.

Image gallery

See our Love and devotion image gallery for some of the beautifully illustrated manuscripts featured in the exhibition, including classic works by Nizami and Jami; Firdausi's epic Shahnama (Book of Kings); a prized Kelmscott Chaucer that echoes Persian themes, and more.

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