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Our other websites

Explore our other websites to discover more about young adult readers and writers, literacy, study skills, history and more.

  • Dome Centenary site
    Since 1913 the Library's domed reading room has been the symbolic heart of our great institution. Learn more about the scholarship, creativity and learning this architectural icon has inspired for generations of Victorians. 

  • exhibitions gateway
    Visit our 
    exhibitions gateway page to explore our various exhibitions and immerse yourself in a world of art, books, history and culture. Find information about our current and past exhibitions, including links to audio and video, image galleries and education kits.
  • mobile website
    Designed for people needing quick information while on the move, this cut-down version of our full corporate website allows you to search our online catalogue and covers visiting the Library, our current events and Library services. It looks and performs best on iPhone, iTouch and Android phones running a Safari browser.
  • Dig: the Burke & Wills research gateway
    Follow the Victorian Exploring Expedition's journey through central Australia, discover our extensive Burke and Wills archive and other resources, and send questions to an expert – explore all this and more on the Dig website.
  • ergo
    The ergo website helps students improve their study, time management and literacy skills as well as providing information about formative events in Victoria's history. There are new sections on World War I, World War II and gold, and also new coverage of pastoral Victoria, exploration and the exploitation of land.
  • inside a dog
    Get the low-down on the latest in the world of young adult literature at the inside a dog website.
  • The La Trobe Journal
    Check out the La Trobe Journal website to access over 40 years of articles based on the Library's Australian collections.
  • A place called Victoria
    The stories of landscape designer Edna Walling, explorers Burke and Wills, artist Eric Thake, and Victorian Aboriginals and soldiers are featured on the A place called Victoria website.
  • Victoria Government Gazette
    Access over 160 years of official information published in and about Victoria on the Victoria Government Gazette website.