Beyond reasonable drought: photographs of a changing land & its people

Many Australian Photographers Group
RRP $24.95
The Five Mile Press in association with the State Library of Victoria
Paperback Illustrated ISBN 9781742113586

A group of professional photographers set out to capture and document the impact of sustained drought on the land and its people. As they travelled over Australia with their cameras, they witnessed the effects of profound changes in a wide range of communities.

With a foreword by Don Watson, and essays by Martin Flanagan, David Jones and Tim Lee, this magnificent collection of images by 38 Australian photographers constitutes a moving record of a significant period in our history.

The Many Australian Photographers (MAP) Group is a non-profit association of photographers who share a passion and a commitment to high quality, independent documentary image making. They are primarily involved in recording rural environments, and they donate their images to the towns and people involved, enriching their historical archives in a unique and substantial way.

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