The Cowen Gallery

Michael D Galimany
State Library of Victoria
Paperback 184pp Illustrated ISBN 0977506401

This beautifully illustrated catalogue provides a comprehensive guide to the Library's Cowen Gallery.

This space, built as the Stawell Gallery in 1892 for the National Gallery of Victoria, and subsequently used by the Museum, was renovated and reopened to the public in November 2003. It houses a permanent exhibition of 150 paintings and sculptures, drawn from the Library's Pictures Collection, the oldest visual documentary collection in Australia.

The catalogue provides background information on the Cowen Gallery and the Library's valuable Pictures Collection, which documents change and progress in Victoria over the past 150 years. Each piece in the Cowen Gallery collection is shown in the catalogue and accompanied by expert notes.

Author Michael D Galimany was the first curator of the Cowen Gallery, and worked at the Library as a librarian and curator for 13 years.

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