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A future in flames

Danielle Clode
Melbourne University Publishing in association with the State Library of Victoria
Paperback 312pp ISBN 9780522857238

What is it about Australia that makes it so prone to fires? Have humans made things worse, or better? Is it possible to live in the Australian bush but be safe from fire?

No other continent on earth is as susceptible to bushfires, over such a large area, as Australia. Fires are a constant and ongoing part of our history, ecology and culture. Yet despite repeated disasters across all states throughout the last two centuries, we seem to be no better at surviving bushfires today than we were when fires burnt through the first European settlements.

Danielle Clode lives on a bush block in the fire-prone foothills of the Kinglake Ranges. She is a researcher at the University of Melbourne, has held a number of prestigious fellowships, and is an award-winning author of Australian natural history.

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