Burke & Wills education kit

Help bring Burke and Wills's epic journey to life for your students by using our education kit.

The kit, which can be downloaded below, is designed for years 5 and 6 students. It includes:

  • notes on key figures in the story of Burke and Wills
  • an annotated timeline of the major events and turning points during the expedition
  • a simple map of the route followed by the expedition, highlighting some of the significant camps
  • an overview of five key educational themes for discussion and investigation
  • ten activity-based learning programs that meet VELS standards
  • material for students and teachers to use while following the learning programs, including student worksheets, teacher resources and a list of useful books and websites

You can also access information about Burke and Wills at Dig: the Burke & Wills research gateway.

Lesson plans and resources for years 7 to 10 teachers can be downloaded from the Fuse website.

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