Food & identity interview

Interview a family member to uncover the role of food in your family's traditions, culture, beliefs and rituals. Use your answers to create a digital story in iMovie or Story Scrapbook.

This activity is linked to the Food & identity inquiry unit and is targeted at students in Years 3–6.

Tuning in

  • Discuss: if you are what you eat, what food makes you, you?
  • Watch videos of people talking about their own food histories, like Kunle Adesua (0:00–1:58), Jacques Reymond (0:00–1:01) and Guy Grossi (1:15–3:03).
  • Using Post-it notes, students record one idea per note, under the themes: likes, dislikes, culture, traditions, celebrations and beliefs.
  • Review the Post-it notes and sort them into common themes. Ask: what do you notice? Do you think this would look different if you were from another time, place or culture? Why? Why not?


  • Explain to students: we are going to find out what food makes your family unique.
  • What do you already know about your family and their favourite meals?
  • What do you want to know? How can you find out?
  • Students brainstorm questions to ask a family member about food and their identity. Focus on rituals, beliefs, culture, traditions, beliefs and celebrations. Extend student thinking by using the question matrix template.


  • With a peer, make predictions about the answers you think your family will provide. Do you think the answers would be different if you were from another time, place or culture? Why? Why not?
  • What are the commonalities that connect us all?

Going further

  • Gather interview tips by watching Museum Victoria's Making History expert videos.
  • Students conduct their interview with a family member.
  • Use multimedia including family photos to create a digital scrapbook using ACMI's story generator, iMovie or Photostory.