Saving searches & alerts

You can save your current search, or any other search you have made during a session, and set an alert to advise you of updates to the search results via email or RSS.

When signed in

The 'Save search/Set an alert' link appears at the bottom of the Refine results options in the left-hand side column of your search results (under the RSS icon).

Click the link and in the window that appears you can give your search a name, and choose to receive email alerts as well. This saved search will be available in 'My searches' whenever you sign in, unless you decide to delete it.

If you choose to set an email alert, your search will automatically run weekly and you will receive new results by email to the address you specify in 'My preferences'. You can rename your saved search, remove your email alert or subscribe to an RSS feed of updates to your search. You can also set up an RSS feed directly from the search results page.


  • If you save your search as an RSS feed using a feed reader or browser, it will not appear under 'Saved searches and email alerts' in 'My searches'.
  • If you click on 'Delete' both the saved search and the email alert will be removed from 'My searches'.

When not signed in

You can elect to receive updates of any search you perform as an RSS feed without being signed in to the catalogue. However, you can't set up email alerts unless you are signed in.

Each search you perform as a guest (ie, when you're not signed in) will be listed in 'My searches', but these searches will only be kept for the duration of your current session.

To 'save' a particular catalogue record (not the whole search) without signing in, print, email or share the record.