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Interactive food supply chain

Research a food product and create an interactive food supply chain to show your findings.

This activity is linked to the Food supply inquiry unit and is targeted at Years 3–6 students.

Tuning in

  • Help students develop their concept of connection and change by viewing time-lapse videos demonstrating growth.
  • Have students sketch the main points onto three Post-it notes, and compare with a peer.
  • Introduce students to the task. They will be using Glogster or Keynote to make a presentation on the growth, production and transportation of a chosen food product.
  • Revise search and research techniques required for effective project work, using the appropriate tools on the State Library of Victoria's ergo website.


  • Students choose a food product to investigate (for example: rice, wheat, milk).
  • Using research skills, students search for and locate relevant information.
  • Students use Glogster or Keynote to present the information they have found as a flow chart. These can contain images, graphics, text and audio.


  • Review students' work on a projector, interactive whiteboard or individual computers. Ask: how did you ensure your information was from a reliable source? What surprised you in your research?

Going further

  • Watch Katy Barfield talking about Second Bite, an organisation that redistributes unused fresh food to disadvantaged people in the community.
  • Consider how your food supply chain can be extended to include waste reduction options.