Publish a family recipe

Publish a class family recipe anthology, with a page created by each student.

This activity is linked to the Eating in inquiry unit and is targeted at Years 3–6 students.

Tuning in

  • Tell the class they are going to create a family recipe anthology.
  • Students look through a variety of cookbooks, magazines and useful links.
  • Brainstorm some of the devices successful authors use to publish appealing recipes.
  • Use these elements to work together to create success criteria for this task.
  • Read quotes from a children's story book that describe food (for example, use an excerpt from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the chocolate factory).
  • Ask the students to recall their most memorable home cooked meal. Use a Y chart template to extend their description of the sensory experience.
  • Students close their eyes and visualise as their peers read out their description of their favourite home cooked meal.

Going further activity

  • Students obtain the recipe for their favourite home-cooked meal.
  • Students plan the layout of their family recipe page, which will include an explanation of why they chose this particular recipe.
  • Students present their plan to a peer and seek feedback.
  • Students publish their recipe using a variety of collage materials.


  • Scan each student's recipe page to compile a class family recipe anthology.
  • Publish the anthology and host a book launch, with tasting plates, to celebrate what students learnt through the activity.