The Burqini™ swimwear phenomenon

Designer Aheda Zanetti, curator Saara Sabbagh and the State Library's Clare Williamson discuss the rise and popularity of the Burqini™ swimsuit and how Muslim women combine modern and Islamic clothing in the Australian context.

The Burqini™ swimsuit has revolutionised the way many Muslim women can enjoy the Australian lifestyle of sun and surf while observing Islamic cultural practices. This innovative Australian design has also been embraced by non-Muslim women and has made an impact worldwide, adding a fascinating episode to the history of bathing costumes on Australian beaches.

Aheda is the designer of Burqini™ swimwear and managing director of Ahiida Swimwear and Sports Apparel. Saara is director of the Islamic fashion touring project My Dress, My Image, My Choice. Clare is curator of the Victorians on Vacation exhibition, held at the State Library of Victoria and as a touring exhibition in regional galleries.

This event was held at the State Library of Victoria on 28 February 2008.