Berry Family Fellowship

The Berry Family Fellowship carries a grant of $12,500 for a project exploring an aspect of the social history of Melbourne or Victoria, based on the State Library of Victoria collections.

It is offered every second year to commemorate the contribution of the Berry family to the cultural life of Melbourne and Victoria.

Fellows will also have the opportunity to apply for one short residency at the Baldessin Press in St Andrews.

What are the criteria?

Projects for Berry Family Fellowships must explore an aspect of the social history of Melbourne or Victoria.

Projects must make significant use of, or contribute to, the collections of the State Library of Victoria.

The project proposal must demonstrate original use of the collections of the State Library of Victoria.

How are projects selected?

Applications are shortlisted by Library staff according to the key criteria of significant use of, or contribution to, the Library collections, and original use of the Library collections.

Shortlisted applications are provided to an independent selection panel, along with the complete list of all applications. Panel members are able to call in to consideration applications that are not on the shortlist.

The panel may recommend a shorter fellowship than that requested, or an honorary fellowship in place of a fellowship that carries a grant.

Following the selection panel meeting, Library staff contact referees for recommended projects and, subject to favourable reports, the recommended projects are presented to the Community Programming Committee.

The Community Programming Committee reviews the panel's recommendation and prepares a report for the Library Board of Victoria meeting in early June. The Board awards fellowships for commencement on or after 1 July.

Following the acceptance of the offers of fellowships in June, unsuccessful applicants are advised by mail.

What are the requirements?

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • take up the fellowship in the twelve month period from 1 July
  • make significant use of the resources of the State Library of Victoria
  • spend at least 75 per cent of their research time at the State Library of Victoria
  • give due acknowledgement of the Library’s support in any publication, presentation or performance of the work
  • submit a short report at the conclusion of the Fellowship

Where it is appropriate or desirable, fellows will be invited to:

  • deposit a copy of their work in the collection of the State Library
  • give the Library the first opportunity to publish the results of the fellowship
  • give a public presentation on the results of their creative activity or research

What happens to my intellectual property?

All copyright in the works created by a fellow during the course of a fellowship continues to vest in the creator.

More information

If you have specific questions about the Berry Family Fellowship requirements or selection process, contact Gail Schmidt at or on 03 8664 7335.