Sandra Fiona Long

Sandra Fiona Long's The wind in B minor is a performance script based on the wind and its relationship to humanity.

The performance follows multiple narratives across time and space to explore relationship between humans and wind and how this relationship has shaped our world.

A layered vocal, musical and visual piece inspired by wind in its shape and texture, the narrative voice of The wind in B minor draws partly on William Dampier, an explorer and buccaneer who was the first recorded English party to set foot in Australia. The British navy used Dampier's observations of trade winds into 20th century.

Juxtaposed with scenes spanning time across Australia, Indonesia and other countries – with reference to tea trade, traditions across cultures of tea making, mysticism and science of our global wind patterns – the script reflects on the wind's contribution to globalisation and celebrates humanity and the interconnectedness between all life.

The project follows the highly successful earlier development of the work's performance forms with Japanese tea ceremony master So Sen, Indonesian actor Wawan Sofwan and local Melbourne performers.