Leave a legacy

By making a gift in your will to the Library you will be supporting a great cultural institution – and we'll recognise your generosity by inviting you to join the Redmond Barry Society.

You can choose to devote your legacy to a particular program or part of the Library's collection, or make a general bequest and allow the funds to be allocated wherever they are needed most.

When you arrange your will, you may wish to specify an amount of money or a percentage of your estate, a book collection or work of art, or other assets such as shares or real estate.

Making a gift in your will

The following is an example of wording you could use when making a gift in your will:

I give [insert dollar amount, share of your estate or brief description of items to be bequeathed] to the State Library of Victoria Foundation (ABN 11 792 788 665), 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, and I direct that the receipt of the Foundation Director, or other proper officer for the time being of the State Library of Victoria Foundation, shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my trustee(s).

Making a gift in your codicil

Alternatively, a codicil or amendment may be added to your existing will which, in effect, becomes part of that will.

A codicil is an easy way to include a gift without having to rewrite your will.

It is a legal document and must be signed and witnessed by two independent witnesses, in the same way as your will does. The witnesses must watch you sign the codicil and you must be present as they sign. They do not need to be the same witnesses as those on your original will.

Although it is not difficult to make a codicil, you would be best advised to see a legal adviser to help you draw it up. Usually it is a quick and inexpensive process.

The following is an example of wording you could use when making a gift in your codicil:

This codicil is dated [insert date], and is made by me, [insert name] of [insert address]. I confirm my will dated [insert date] in all respects, except that I add the following clause or clauses: [insert amendment].

Redmond Barry Society

The Redmond Barry Society was established to recognise the generosity and support of Library benefactors. The society is open to anyone who has left a legacy to the State Library of Victoria, and is a way that we can thank you personally for your generosity. By joining the Redmond Barry Society you'll enjoy a varied program of cultural activities, collection viewings and exclusive functions.

Find out more

Whether you're ready to make a gift right now or are exploring potential options, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions or discuss specific details. All inquiries are, of course, treated with the utmost discretion.

We invite you to get in touch and find out more by contacting:

Redmond Barry Society Manager
Tel: 03 8664 7516
Email: foundation@slv.vic.gov.au

Giving Manager
Tel: 03 8664 7517
Email: foundation@slv.vic.gov.au