Victorian Historical Journal

The digitised issues of the Victorian Historical Journal give you access to a wealth of academic articles on many aspects of Victorian history.

First published in 1911 and still in print today, this official publication of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria contains commentary on major issues such as Aboriginal heritage and the progress of European settlement.

It features articles on all sorts of unique events, including the first airplane crossing of Bass Strait, the introduction of a hippopotamus to the Melbourne Zoo, and the employment of Victoria's first mailman.

There are also photographs, book reviews, illustrations, maps and obituaries.

You can browse the journals by year or search the full text contained in the journals.

Our digitised collection of the journal spans from 1911 to 2010. The publication was known as the Victorian Historical Magazine from 1911 to 1954, and the Victorian Historical Journal from 1955 to the present day.

The RHSV has undertaken all reasonable efforts to identify and contact copyright holders in the Victorian Historical Journal. Where the copyright owner has not been able to be traced, or where the permission is still being sought, the RHSV has decided in good faith to proceed with digitisation and publication. The RHSV invites persons who believe they are copyright owners to contact them to discuss usage of this item at

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