Listen to music & watch films

You can listen to music from our collection and watch videos and DVDs in the Arts Reading Room. Staff can help you use equipment and find and order items from the catalogue. We also show free animated films and contemporary documentaries in Outside-in cinema and hold regular music-related and film-related events.


All styles of western music from every period are represented in the collection, along with a selection of music from other cultures. Recordings are available in a range of formats, including compact discs, DVDs, cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes.

CDs from our collection can be listened to at listening posts in the room, or you can use one of the jukeboxes. With a choice of eight regularly updated playlists, these jukeboxes carry an eclectic selection of music from our collection.

There is also a range of non-music recordings, including book and poetry readings, plays, sound effects and oral history.


Our videos and DVDs include Australian and international documentaries, plays, operas, ballets and classical and popular concerts. We also have rare Australian feature films, including Jedda, The chant of Jimmy Blacksmith and a reconstructed version of The story of the Kelly Gang.

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