Visit a gallery

Enjoy fabulous artworks and exhibitions for free in one of our three galleries: the Keith Murdoch Gallery, Cowen Gallery and Dome Galleries.

You can get more out of your visit to our galleries by joining one of our free family, exhibition or heritage tours.

Keith Murdoch Gallery

The Keith Murdoch Gallery hosts temporary exhibitions drawn from the Library’s rich collections as well as significant touring shows from other cultural institutions.

Cowen Gallery

This comprises a main gallery, flanked by the Red and Blue Rotundas. The main gallery features permanent exhibitions of Victorian scenes, including William Strutt's Black Thursday 1851, while the Red Rotunda has paintings and busts of historic Victorian identities. Some of our 20th-century artwork, which includes paintings of artist Helen Brack and lawyer Maurice Blackman, is housed in the Blue Rotunda. The Blue Rotunda also houses temporary exhibitions.

Dome Galleries

The permanent exhibitions Mirror of the world (level 4) and The changing face of Victoria (level 5) are displayed in the Dome Galleries, which surround the La Trobe Reading Room. A viewing platform on level 6 offers a fabulous panorama of the dome and the reading room below.

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Find out where these galleries are located on our floor plans and check their opening hours.