Help keep community chess alive at the Library.

HISTORYChess on the forecourt

Since 2015, the chessboards on State Library Victoria’s forecourt have been connecting people across cultures, ages and backgrounds. Lively games between students, retirees and businesspeople, on lunch breaks and on the weekend, have become a staple of the Library’s front entrance.

The much-loved chessboards require frequent maintenance, and we need your help to ensure that the games can continue. 

GET INVOLVEDHelp keep the chessboards open for all

We have a goal to raise $50,000 so the Library can repair and maintain the chess sets for years to come while working with Heritage Victoria to explore how we can install chessboards that will last forever.  

A gift from you today would help create permanent chess sets atop the forecourt – a practical gift that will inspire and educate young and old minds alike and ensure the sense of community that has been built here continues for years to come.

Help keep the chessboards open for all