Legal deposit of Victorian publications

Most works published in Victoria must be deposited with us under section 49 of the Libraries Act 1988 (Vic) and with the National Library of Australia under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

What needs to be deposited?

Even if your work isn't commercially published you still need to deposit it. A work can be written or printed, or in another format such as audio, video or microfilm.

This means that most work – including books, brochures, DVDs, CD-ROMS, magazines, maps and microfiche – produced for companies, organisations, community groups, private individuals or the public must be deposited by the publisher.

Electronic/online versions of works can be archived through PANDORA. Please contact the PANDORA Librarian on (03) 8664 7153 or

Exempt works

Published items that are exempt from legal deposit are:

  • blank forms and labels
  • almanacs, calendars and diaries that contain dates and no text
  • activity-based materials such as colouring and puzzle books
  • in-house material such as training and procedure manuals, teaching and course notes and minutes of meetings
  • offprints
  • press releases
  • trade advertising

Publishers' obligations

If you publish a work in Victoria you must send a copy to us at your own expense within 60 days of publication. All formats of a publication should be deposited.

When a revised, translated, reformatted or abridged version is published, this must be deposited with us as well. If the publisher changes, the newly published version needs to be deposited, even if the work hasn't changed in any other way.

Reprinted publications that are the same as the first print run do not need to be deposited again.

If we don't receive a copy of a publication, we are legally empowered to claim one directly from the publisher.

Depositing publications

You must deposit one copy of your publication with us and one with the National Library of Australia.

Post one copy of your publication with your name and return address to us at:

Legal deposit librarian
State Library of Victoria
328 Swanston St
Vic 3000

We'll send you acknowledgement of your legal deposit once we receive your publication.

More information

If you need more information about legal deposit of books, CDs or DVDs call 03 8664 7141. For more information about depositing periodicals and journals call 03 8664 7138. Alternatively, you can email all inquiries to

Government publications

While government publications are not covered in the Libraries Act 1988, a Victorian Government circular states that the Victorian Government and its agencies need to lodge copies of all their publications with the State Library of Victoria, and allow the Library to collect their web pages and online publications. For more information on this requirement, contact the PANDORA librarian at the State Library of Victoria on 03 8664 7153 or